At all levels of education today – from Pre-K through college – there are inequities in educational attainment. Some students excel in school while others do not. While it might be easy to put the onus for success entirely on the student, it is not morally just and socially compassionate to do so.

The reality is that there are real barriers to educational success for our nation’s youth. These barriers are especially pronounced for students who are lower income and for students of color. “We are failing the very students who must become our future leaders,” say the policy leaders at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in their recent paper titled “Step Up and Lead for Equity.”

The leaders at AAC&U believe that institutions of higher education could be doing more to address and solve these deep disparities in educational outcomes for underserved students. Turning their attention to the educational attainment of traditionally under-represented students in U.S. colleges and universities, the AAC&U reports very dissimilar college experiences for underserved students versus more affluent students whose parents both possess a college degree (p.3). There are much lower levels of degree completion for traditionally under-represented students – namely, students of color, students in a lower income bracket, and first generation students.


The reasons why will be explored through the stories told on this website. As a welcome visitor to our site, you are encouraged to explore the problems of inequity in educational attainment for underserved students. You are also invited to learn more about the impacts and the solutions.

We hope that your journey through this website helps to educate you on this social injustice in our nation’s educational system, and that it prompts you to want to partner with us to create positive change.

– The 2015-2016 Cabrini College Senior Convergence Students

Header Photo: Flickr/Ben Stephenson